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Our Company was established in 2007 and our field of operations include Design-Application-Marketing of Professional Cooling, Air Conditioning, Ventilation & Solar Systems (solar water heaters, solar panels etc). Throughout time we have been developing on a fast pace as a business but and have broadened our clientele.
We address individual customers, small, medium and large companies with products and vertical tailor-made solutions.
Our experience, credibility and hard work was awarded when we became the exclusive sales representative for the leading company in solar water heaters AMCOR in 2015.
AMCOR solar water heaters, have become a popular choice for their high manufacturing quality and their endurance in any average Greek household and are now empowered by our experience, expertise and dedication to offering, complete value for money systems of appliance and maintenance.
AMCORHELLAS was established under the philosophy of maximizing customer experience through high quality products and services.
AMCORHELLAS ‘s mission is to offer undisputable high end reliable technology systems while providing credible quality services, in order to ensure high performance of the solutions it implements.




The Solar Water Heaters AMCOR SOLON 160LT C/L 2,0m2 have a water heater compartment which can contain 160lt made of stainless steel wrap, cold rolled (EN 10130/2016)
They have internal anti rust protection with liquid enameling (DIN 4753-3) safe for your health, and a rod which is made of 90% Magnesium 3Χ50cm for the highest protection and longevity.
All metallic parts are glued using the MAG method (pulse mechanic gluing method) in order to prevent gap loses and giving out a perfect finishing result.
The thermal insulation of the radiator of the solar water heater AMCOR 160LT C / L 2.0m2 consists of self-extinguishing (DIN 4102) high density polyurethane (48kg / m3-DIN 53420)
Closed circuit protection with safety valve at 1.5 Bar
Water network protection with safety and non-return valve at 10 Bar
Protection of the container from summer season overheating with a pressure valve at 10 Bar and a temperature at 99oC which, among other things, prevents the formation of salts due to boiling
Exterior cladding of pre-painted (RAL 9007) galvanized sheet with printed and not stickers, the technical elements and the manufacturer, to avoid imitations
The electrical resistance of the AMCOR SOLON 160LT C / L 2.0m2 solar water heaters is 3.5kw mounted with external stainless steel bolts, for easy replacement.
Ideal use for 2-3 people
The solar water heater AMCOR SOLON 160LT C / L 2.0m2, available in double and triple energy

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We choose the best possible parts that will bring our vision come to life and service your needs.


Your new tailor-made system is brought to life and will pay off by improving the quality of your everyday life.



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